Bruce Van Allen
Election Campaign Services

How may I help you?

I enjoy providing campaign services that utilize advanced technical tools together with my three decades of experience organizing local election campaigns.

I offer these services as separate program packages, so campaigns may choose how to use their money and volunteers most effectively for field work, mail, and voter mobilization.

I also provide trainings. A great way to prepare for a campaign.

There are three options for engaging my services:
Some campaigns simply select the voter contact programs described below that will achieve their goals. Optionally, they can get targeting analysis first, which qualifies them for contract fees. For more extensive assistance, campaigns contract for voter strategy consulting, which also qualifies them for contract fees. For organizations and consultants supporting multiple campaigns, a technical services retainer assures my availability and contract fees.

Strategy & Planning

  • Voter Strategy Consulting
  • Targeting Analysis
  • Technical Services Retainer

Field Operations

  • Neighborhood Base Program
  • Precinct Program
  • Phone Bank Program

Mail Plans

  • Direct Mail Program
  • Absentee Voter Chase Mail Program
  • Micro-target Mail Program

Get Out the Vote

  • GOTV Reminder Phoning
  • GOTV Literature Drops
  • GOTV Poll Check Program
  • GOTV Election Doorhanger


  • Voter Strategy Workshop
  • Technical Campaigning Class
  • Single Topic Trainings
Details and Prices on Request

Bruce Van Allen
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